What I Miss

Editor’s note: This is a quick rough draft. Don’t have time to do more than try to jot down some notes, but will come back to polish later.

One of the strangest things to happen me was to realize that what I missed most about Ann was her friendship. It might sound silly to some of you but you have to understand that it surprised me.

Surprised me because I have been blessed with many friends who are the kind of people that others want to be. Stalwart companions that you can always rely upon. They come through when times are hard and are there when times are not.

They aren’t the fair weather sort and that is something that has always touched me and been a source of pride too. If you wanted good role models you would find them among my crew.

I mention this because had you asked me what I thought I would miss I probably would have listed other things than her friendship, but maybe it is a sign of maturity now that I don’t list the “x-rated” material first.

Ann was my best friend. She knew me in ways that no one else ever has and maybe no one ever will. There was a depth to our friendship that you rarely if ever see and that was what everything else was based upon.

We liked each other. We made each other laugh. That is one of the things that I miss about her, that laugh. Or the sound she used to make when I would surprise her, the way she would suddenly inhale. I sometimes called her “airsucker.”

People used to remark upon it because they thought it referred to something else and I used to just laugh. I never said yes or no, never told them whether they were right because it didn’t matter.

What I miss is the way she and I were able to create our own world. We could be in the middle of a crowd and get lost in each other. It wasn’t something that disappeared either. There was never a honeymoon stage. The lust and physical need for each other never disappeared or dissipated.

Looking back I attribute that to that friendship and to the enormous trust we had. I miss talking to her about everything. It sounds silly, but if she thought I could do something it always gave me a little boost, a lift.

And that comes from someone who hasn’t ever lacked confidence in his abilities.

Maybe that is why I am so torn. Maybe that is why I have this stutter/start thing about trying to reconnect and rekindle.

There is this part of me that wonders about a million things. I have this image of seeing her at the office. She is downstairs eating lunch under a bright blue sky. I walk over and sit down next to her. We don’t say anything and just eat our lunches.

We finish eating, stand up and walk away holding hands- no words have to be spoken because that magic connection has never left. There is a part of me that consistently wonders what would happen if I kissed her. Would that electric feeling shoot through my body again.

I know what my heart says, but my head says don’t be a fool. Don’t write these things down because you sound crazy. Don’t open the door and don’t look back.

But you don’t become a writer unless you know how to dream. And the very best dreams come from the heart- source of passion, power and magic.

For now we’ll wait to figure out whether to follow my heart or listen to my head. But I’ll admit that sometimes in the dark of the night when I stare at our moon I say her name out loud and strain to hear her saying mine back.

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8 thoughts on “What I Miss

  1. Aghhh! If this is real you nut you HAVE to get together…just because life is tooooo short. If it’s not real, good writing once again!!

    • TheJackB

      It might be real or it might not be. Either way the question is what happens if she is uncooperative. How does he make it happen if she doesn’t help facilitate it?

      Hmm, this is like research so I’ll pose some questions. What would happen if he reached out to her and she was somewhat aloof? Is she just protecting herself ? In our story we know that she has been reading his column all along. Is she just curious or does she have ulterior motives?

      Lots of questions and lots possibilities.

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  3. Everyone breaks when they get tired. She has to be kidnapped (don’t know how to do that w/o breaking the law) and made to stay awake for at least 24 hours. She’ll get so mad, but she’ll break. Add the Three Stooges and some chocolate. Just an idea.

    • TheJackB

      Ok, so she has to be kidnapped and then forced to stay awake for 24 hours. At some point she’ll get really angry, but that won’t matter because she’ll finally give in.

      Well, if it doesn’t work he might get arrested or be subjected to one hell of a tongue lashing but on the other hand maybe that is the thing.

      She needs to be in a place without distraction so that she finally stops talking and starts listening.

  4. Right….I think?

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