Perfect In Her Imperfections

Editor’s Note: Technically words below were pulled from here so it is not really new but I am ok with that. I intend to work it into the main story in some fashion or another. I’ll try to pick up the thread and add to it. The new section will come below the block quotes. FWIW, I very well may take other “old work” and try to weave that in.

She was perfect in her imperfections and I loved ever more deeply and passionately for them. I didn’t see worry lines or wrinkles in her face. To me they illustrated character and beauty and a wealth of wisdom that can only be earned by having been privileged to live for more than a few years.

When I looked inside her eyes I saw a depth that didn’t exist elsewhere and in return I shared a smile that was reserved solely for her. While there is no doubt that there was some disappointment in not having been able to experience and share personal and private moments before that there were benefits that were born because of experience.

Among the very few regrets was the reflection she saw in my eyes didn’t accurately or effectively display what I saw or how I felt.

“It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy; it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.” Jane Austen

I never was a Jane Austen fan but when I stumbled across that quote I stopped and stared it because there was, there is real truth in it. Because the reality is that you can spend a lifetime with some people and never know who they are. And then there are those rare few that you encounter who require next to no time to walk into your heart and make themselves comfortable.

Sometimes you try to push them away because you fear the things that can’t be attributed to logic and to reason. Sometimes you push them away because there are a million “rational” reasons not to listen to that piece and part your heart that is singing a song in perfect harmony with their heart.

It is a magical moment and a dance where you move in perfect rhythm, regardless of whether you have it in real life or not. It is that moment in time and that secret world that you create regardless of time, space or place.

That is what I tried to show her. That is what I wanted her to see, to know. That connection and the creation it came from was and is more than just a moment and worth more than just a few words. I wanted her to understand that even a writer who has command of words cannot always create the kind that provide perfect illustration of what he sees.

It was the perfection of her imperfections and her acceptance of my own that created that connection and built the union.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect In Her Imperfections

  1. Gina

    “And then there are those rare few that you encounter who require next to no time to walk into your heart and make themselves comfortable.”

    This is truly a rare and special thing if anyone is so fortunate.

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