A Moment To Remember

I shared these words with you once not so long ago.

Can I share an experience with you. I want you to take my virtual hand and spend a moment or two walking down a quiet virtual highway with me. Take a couple of moments to compose yourself. Turn down the lights and get comfortable. I need you to be able to concentrate.

Imagine you are lying in bed. The room is so dark that it is hard to see the silhouette of your own body. There is a loud rumble overhead that is joined by the relaxing pitter-patter of rainfall. You are not alone. There is a person lying next to you. Their touch is electric. Their presence simultaneously sends your pulse racing and your spirit soaring.

Do you remember what it feels like to be kissed so hard it takes your breath away. Do you remember what it feels like to have your heart pound so loudly you are sure that it might burst from your chest. That electric tingle that makes your knees go weak.

The certainty that this single moment will last for an eternity. An endless night in which your companion’s soft and rhythmic breathing lulls you to sleep.

Do you remember what happened afterwards? Do you remember the good along with the bad. Do you remember the complete package.

We opened doors that can’t be closed and created moments and memories that can’t ever be forgotten.  Sure, we can list the reasons why they should and nurse the anger, aches, pains and disappointments that came with it all because that helps us pretend that once was is nothing more than memory.

Yet we find ourselves looking back as often as we look forward. We seek each other out because we won’t let go of the hope that the song that our hearts sing can once again be sung out loud. Some would say different and give in to doubt and distrust.

Others might categorize it not as love but as lust but that is only because they don’t get it. Never got it. Never will.

You have and you did. And if you opened your eyes and your heart the past would meet the present and the future would rejoice. There would be a song of celebration and your knees would be weak and your breath would be short, but your smile would be big and your heart would be full.

We don’t have to refer to us as “we were” because really we still “are” and the only question that remains to be answered is “what.”

There is an empty hand waiting for someone to take it.

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4 thoughts on “A Moment To Remember

  1. Loved this! Loved “the only question that remains to be answered is “what.” There is absolutely no comparing the feelings you describe here. They are unique and special and sometimes only once in a life time…with only one person.

  2. Gina

    Sometimes you can’t and that really stinks.

    • TheJackB

      True, but sometimes the difference lies in whether you are willing to fight and or wait a little bit longer.

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