The Modern Woman

Modern women were made for me because they are over confident and that makes them stupid.

They are so determined to be everything that a man can be they ignore their instincts and go where they shouldn’t go. They ignore their instincts and do what they shouldn’t do.

And I am glad. It makes what I do so much easier.

It means I don’t have to operate in the shadows. I don’t have to rely upon dark staircases or empty concrete parking lots.

Sunshine works just as well, sometimes it is even better than shadow. No one expects anything bad to happen during daylight.

One little pin prick and their muscles don’t work so well anymore. This stuff is fast acting. My poor girls end up disoriented and unable to speak and that just works in my favor.

It is easy to tell the concerned passerby that my sister is diabetic and that “I appreciate their concern but I have it under control.”

Sometimes they ask again if they can help and I cry. Tears roll down my face and I tell them how worried I am about her. ‘Why can’t she listen to the doctors and take care of herself.”

They almost always wish me good luck and tell me they hope my “sister” feels better real soon.

One woman at the park even helped out by using my keys to open the door to my car. She watched as I carefully placed my “sister” in the front seat and then told me what a good brother I was to take such good care of her.

“I wish my brother was as nice to me as you are to your sister.”

Until that moment I hadn’t planned on taking her “home” with me too, but after a compliment like that I knew what she wanted.

The really hard part was figuring out how to get her into the car without creating a big seen. I was careful to carry multiple syringes with me because you never could be too careful, but I had tossed the used on and all of the extras were in the trunk.

“Miss, this is going to sound stupid, but the last time my sister got like this she threw up and it got all over her clothes and hair. I am a guy and I haven’t a clue how to make a pony tail. Can you help me?”

She said yes and I popped open the trunk and grabbed a new needle. If that dumb bitch had any common sense she would have run, but she didn’t.

Less than five minutes later she was strapped in the back seat and I was on my way home with my new playmates.

That was five years ago.

I have had lots of new playmates since then but only a few of them are still with me. The others made bad choices and went to sleep elsewhere.

That made me kind of sad, especially because of how hard the others cried. No one likes having to say goodbye.

Kari is my oldest playmate. She and I have been really good friends for a long time now. It wasn’t always like that. Kari used to fight me all the time, but I told her if she didn’t stop we would have to get her sister Kim to come live with us too.

That was when I found out how jealous Kari was of her sister. She didn’t want Kim to live with us or to spend any time with me. Kari told me if we didn’t get Kim she would help me convince some other girls to be our playmates.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. How many men are lucky enough to have their woman agree to share them with other girls.

Now when we need new playmates Kari and I go looking together. Even though it was never hard for me to find new playmates I admit Kari makes it easier.

Since Halloween is coming soon we decided it might be fun to find a church that holds a Midnight Mass and to see if we can find a new playmate there.

Church is good. It is where we found our playmate Alex. Before she came to stay with us Alex was a police woman. Sometimes I miss her, which is why I want to go back to the same church we found her at.

With a little bit of luck Alex will be there too and we can bring her back home again but this time I know she’ll decide to stay.


Men aren’t supposed to be held captive by women

Rape isn’t about sex. It is about power. That is not particularly insightful nor profound. Go to any women’s center in any town and you’ll find plenty of literature about it accompanied by a call to end violence against women.

You won’t find a thing about men being raped and if you do it is almost always tied into some bad prison joke.

I never expected to learn how little I really knew about rape. I never expected to be locked up, lonely, afraid and violated in ways you never thought you could be.

The church had gotten past its brush with pedophile infamy. It had cleaned up the system and gotten rid of the priests.

But no one ever wondered or worried about police women.

I don’t know how long Alex has been gone, but this time I am listening for the sound of her footsteps. I won’t let her drug me this time. I won’t let Kari touch me. This time I am going to…

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20 thoughts on “The Modern Woman

  1. this is all kinds of crazy.

  2. iasoupmama

    Yuck and yikes and eww and shiver all at once.

  3. I read this 3 times and I still have no idea what really happened! It must be awesomely clever!

  4. The last bit confused me – and I want to figure it out. For me, that means you created a character worth knowing. And I mean that in the most figurative of ways. If I were that sister of Kari’s, I’d find this guy and slice a piece of his flesh off every hour on the hour as payback. Slow, painful, mutilating death for him.

    (Ha! ha! More than one of us can be a sick fuck!)

    • TheJackB

      It begs the question of who is being held captive here. Is it a man dreaming of revenge against the women who are holding him or is it something else…

  5. Lance

    The twist of genders and power plays is brilliant.

    • TheJackB

      Hi Lance,

      When I first started blogging I read a story about a man who was raped by a woman. I spent a long while trying to figure out how that works.

      How did she “stimulate” him enough to make it work and how did he feel afterwards? Would it be worse than being raped by another man etc. So when I wrote this I thought about that story.

      • Lance

        amazing. i relate to this. that’s all you’ll get out of me.

  6. The last bit changed my understanding of the first. Tell me if I’m getting this right.

    Alex got kidnapped by the rapist/sadist/murderer several years ago, but instead of having to go ‘sleep with others’, she got away. The sadist and Kari are planning to hunt her down now (or nab a good substitute.)

    At the same time, Alex has been twisted by her experience, and she’s hunting down men and kidnapping and raping them the same way the sadist and Kari hunt women. She has captured this guy who is afraid to speak out. He has gotten away before but keeps coming back to this church, and the last part is from his perspective. Unfortunately for him, either Alex OR the sadist and Kari are hunting tonight?

    My other option is that Alex is getting revenge in the last part?

    • TheJackB

      To be honest it could go any of those directions. Since we only had a 1,000 words to work with I wanted to leave some of this to the imagination of the reader. If I extended it I would probably go with the scenario I touched upon above.

  7. This is incredible.
    I want to know more and less at the same time. I am dying to read your interpretation, and I really enjoyed reading the others’ comments as well.

    This was a ridiculously creepy story that plays on the fears of women everywhere. Well done.

    • TheJackB

      Hi Dawn,

      The picture of the staircase really invited a response that was going to “attack” the fear of being assaulted while alone. Men think about these things, but not the same way as women do.

      I walk alone through parking lots day or night and I rarely think twice about it. I still keep my eyes open, but i figure there are better marks than me.

      At the same time I wanted to turn that “arrogance” upside down and try to do something with it.

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