I came close to telling the guy at airport security that the last time someone I didn’t know spent that much time rubbing against me I was at a bachelor party. Except she smelled better than he did and smiled while grinding against me, at least she did until I said I wasn’t interested in a lap dance.

Once she heard that my wallet was going to stay lodged inside my pocket she moved on to the next mark and that was that.

It was the perfect example of why I have never been a fan of strip clubs. I don’t have any moral issues with them, I have had a few lap dances in my time.

Except those experiences were twenty some odd years ago and done before I realized that the dancers weren’t thinking about me.

I won’t lie and say that some of those women aren’t attractive, because some are. Nor will I say that the experience was unpleasant because it wasn’t bad. Who doesn’t like having some woman with an incredible body pressed up against him.

But the fantasy dies quickly when you know the dancers aren’t thinking about you. It is just a job and you are just a way to make a buck. That just doesn’t do it for me. There is no reason to spend money like that.

Anyway, the guy at the airport was the exact opposite of a dancer. He wore too much cologne and was a bit rough with his hands. Doesn’t he understand us sensitive men like to held while someone whispers sweet nothings to us. 😉

The good news is that it was an easy flight. Three hours with relatively little turbulence and a landing worth clapping for.

A last minute business trip wrapped around a weekend and a potential opportunity to see someone who once meant something to me. It is the sort of tale that Hollywood might tell.

Maybe they have already, but if they haven’t they should because this is the story that people love. There are multiple layers to this one with the chance to have a happy ending or something quite miserable.

Hollywood loves that kind of drama.

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