If It Makes You Feel Good


“If it makes you feel good than by all means say what you have got to say and do what you have got to do. We did what we did, said what we said and made our mistakes.”

She listened to his words and debated whether she could believe them. Part of her wanted to let go of the past and move on, but there was a different piece that kept her standing still. A different part in which logic and reason played no part so she nursed her anger and kept the flames burning because anger meant distance and distance meant safety.

“You can call it whatever you want. You can keep pointing fingers and flinging accusations, but I don’t have to listen or acknowledge them. I told you I understand that there is a time and place where you have to decide if you can move on. You did. You walked away and so did I. Can’t change the past, can only work on the future.”

His words were infuriating and calming. She couldn’t decide which and couldn’t figure out why that damn boy still held a piece of her heart. Some things were so obvious to her and if he were only smart enough to say those words she might find it easier.

“I am not a mind reader. I know things, but not all things. Got broad shoulders and can take the sort of beating most wouldn’t and don’t. Have done it but doesn’t mean I am willing to continue or that I need to. There is no benefit to either side. So find a new punching bag or make the decision to open a different door and walk a new path.”

He stood up and walked out without looking back. The time had come to hit the road and he wasn’t going to spend his days wondering about the past he couldn’t change. There was only the present and the future. Maybe she would decide to join him. Maybe she would take his hand and maybe she wouldn’t.

There were few things in life he was certain of and one was that she had fallen in love with him because she couldn’t dominate him the way she had dominated the others who been around. Time to remind her and if silence was what was required, well then so be it.

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