I Am Here

It is not a game, a joke or a fabrication of any sort.

I am here.

Call it thirty minutes or so by freeway–a whole world closer than the airplane ride it used to require to turn telephone calls into face -to-face.

This is home now. This is where I live and where I work.

Everything has changed and nothing has changed.

There is a fog obscuring the view and my perspective is blurred and my head uncertain.

So I stand in the shadows where I can observe and wait because even though I might be interested in pushing ahead and rushing to see what might or might not be, I don’t have to run.

Don’t have to because I live here and I don’t know that running would make any sort of sense.

Hell, most things don’t make sense so I let them unfold as they will.

I wander outside and stare at the moon I used to watch from thousands of miles away. I look at the moon and remember how I wondered if you were looking at it too and if maybe that provided some sort of connection.

I still wonder about it, except now I know all it would take is a short car ride and we’d watch together.

Won’t predict a thing one way or another. Won’t speculate or engage in prognostication because it just doesn’t matter. Ten years ago I never would have predicted any of the things that followed so why would things be any different now.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Here

  1. I feel a lot of heavy emotion here.

  2. Perhaps a little.

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