Glade Crossing

I remember a time some years back when the former president of the Earl Warren Fan Club was cruising around Arlington and telling me about their life and the good people of Glade Crossing.

Things were different back then and we were all different people than we are today. I could tell you all sorts of tales about the wild things that we did and the promises we made. You would be surprised to hear what the law offices of Trimble and Schlatter were really like or about the time Bentley’s step son beat him up.

Sometimes I think about the stories that Brian and Beatle used to tell me about their weekends and the women they claimed to have had and I wonder if anyone out there ever told a normal story or if every one of them had to be exaggerated so that they would sound cooler than each other.

But most of the time I don’t think much about the collective moments from the past because my focus is on the present and the future.

If I look backwards it is usually because I remember something special and see potential for how that might serve as a foundation for later.

But that is a whole different story altogether.

It is not always easy to do that because sometimes there are people you experience things with and you never forget what you had and the opportunities you saw.

Some years back a dear friend explained to me that sometimes you have to have the intestinal fortitude to accept that you will never be able to find out what could have been and that sometimes all you have is your idea.

For a long while I thought that was solid, albeit painful to swallow advice but I have come to question it.

That is because certain experiences have made me wonder if maybe there isn’t more magic left in the world than we realized. Some things have happened that make me think that maybe it is ok not to rely on the tactile and to have faith in the intangibles.

Maybe lightning can strike twice. Maybe if you are open to possibility you can find opportunity.

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