Illogical Inconsistencies

Life is often filled with illogical inconsistencies and mixed messages that leave you scratching your head and wondering if the person who said XYZ has a clue about what they are talking about.

Sometimes the most confusing moments come from the person you think you know best or at least did at one time. You look and listen and wonder when they stuck their head so far up their ass they lost the ability to recognize you can see them shoveling huge piles of shit.

Maybe you decide to let them shovel and figure that it  doesn’t matter because you just don’t have anything left to give. Maybe you figure that the promises of the past aren’t things you are locked into because no one is obligated to follow through on what they said.

Or maybe you figure that you’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.

Let them rant and rave, call you names that you don’t take seriously because you know better. You know they have a habit of going off because when you are angry it is easier to say goodbye. Let them think what they will because you know better and you figure you have time.

Ultimately the thing that matters most is what happens when you close your eyes because you have to live with yourself. You have to be comfortable with yourself and who you are because if you aren’t no one else will be.

The day you accept that you are flawed and that life is rarely black and white is the day that you remember how to laugh hard and that is a good thing because laughter is contagious.

It provides strength to go on through anything and that is enough. You can dance in the fire and smile because there is not a damn thing that anyone can do that hasn’t already been done.

You know what you have and what you have to offer. Broad shoulders that can bear the load, a open and honest smile and a hug that melts stone.

Life is what it is and sometimes there is joy in the ears that listen to laughter and the lips that kiss away the tears.

What will be will be and you never do know what that is until you play the hand you are dealt.

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One thought on “Illogical Inconsistencies

  1. Good, sound advice and the only way to move forward or stay still and still enjoy the journey!

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