Unfinished Business

She wouldn’t appreciate him thinking about her and them as having unfinished business so he never described it to her that way, even though that was how he saw it.

He never said it because he feared she would think he saw the moment in mechanical terms and that all he wanted was to get her in bed one more time. He figured she wanted to see some romantic inclination on his part.

Of course it was entirely possible that she didn’t care about romance either and that all she wanted was some mindless, easy fun. A good romp in the hay with someone who once upon a time had been able to make her body tingle without touching her.

There was no doubt that was possible, but it was just as possible that she wanted romance or that she didn’t want a damn thing at all to do with him. You never could tell for certain, at least not without having the conversation.

Back in the old days it had been easy to figure out what was happening. They told each other exactly how they felt and what they wanted and then they fought over who got to take care of who.

Time had passed, things had changed and words had come between them.

But still they never broke off the communication…completely.

There was always a way to get in touch and always some sort of connection between them. It reminded him a bit of when she admitted that she couldn’t stand the idea of not living her life with him and how he had admitted he felt the same.

Were they just words that people said. Were they just things you said right before that big moment that left you drifting off to blissful slumber. Maybe it was all of those things and maybe it was nothing.

Maybe it was just the reality of a past that had no purpose for existing in the present.

Perhaps time would provide the answer or maybe it wouldn’t.

Either way he hoped that when he thought of her she was thinking of him.

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