Thought Turns To Action

She never would say why she chose to go there. Wouldn’t say if it had anything to do with his call, the past or the future. She wouldn’t say because there are some secrets a woman doesn’t share with anyone, including those who she once gave her heart to.

Maybe it was his insistence that it was pressure free and the knowledge that she was forever beautiful and sexy. Maybe it was physical need or maybe it was because it was supposed to be one time to get it out of their systems so they could move on to wherever it was they were supposed to go.

Or maybe it really was the echoes of the past reaching out to the future and the memory of what they had made together, the knowledge that somehow they created magic that they had never experienced with another.

In the end it didn’t matter how or why. It didn’t matter that their youthful bodies weren’t quite so youthful anymore because the magic of the moment had always been created by their minds.

He knew what she hid and he knew how to get it out of her. And she reveled in a man who could communicate like no other and who looked at her with the kind of hunger/longing that no other had.

Maybe that was the secret. He made her feel sexy and desired like no other.

When they talked it was like they were in their own world and then they really were.

Magic moved the moments and time stood still.

It wasn’t goofy or awkward.

There was no pressure from him or from her.

The only pressure they felt was that which they applied internally.

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