Eye Contact

You kissed me first. It caught me off guard, surprised me a bit. Probably shouldn’t have, should have expected it from you but I didn’t. But than again you were unexpected in a million different ways.

I didn’t always close my eyes when we kissed because I wanted to drink you up. I told you I was intense and that the fire in the belly never went out. Told you things no one else knew, opened the vaults and tore down the walls.

Told you that I would go the distance, might be slow about it, but I would go the distance and be there for the long haul because it is what I do and who I am.

Asked you if you could take all of me, smiled as you tried and almost melted with the intensity of the eye contact.

Felt you shudder when I took you in my arms. We were fully dressed and I watched as you took it all in. Watched you walk up and down my body, saw you memorize each piece and part, wondered what it was you saw.

I knew things then and I know things now.

One kiss changed it all. One kiss turned the world upside down and inside out.

A moment from the movies come to real life.

I told you that I bring the heat and that not everyone can handle the pressure. Told you that and more and smiled when you said it wasn’t a big deal. Listened and heard you tell me that you knew me better than the others and that no one could take care of me like you could.

Promises rained down from our lips and the heavens and the things I knew we knew together.

It is not arrogant if you can back it up.

There is more that could be said and more to say. The fire that burns could be unleashed and that is the fear.

When you try to maintain rigid control of your life you find a day where it doesn’t work any longer and all the walls that you built come tumbling down.

It is not a question of if, but when.

Two hands wrapped in your hair, eyes looking down at yours, that one moment never ending…

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12 thoughts on “Eye Contact

  1. Wow, very romantic. Makes me wish I wasn’t sleeping with the dog tonight.

  2. Kid Rock is awesome! And way to go for two-fisting it at the moonshine grid!

  3. Hot story! Really loving it 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, yes, that’s how it feels!!!

  5. Wow-so intense!

  6. Does it ever stop with the kiss? If it’s never to be — best not kiss. Great writing Jack. Makes the reader feel young.

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