Five minutes to write some fiction- Hope something good comes from it.


I called your bluff, told you that I said you were lying to me. Said I didn’t believe it because I knew more than I was sharing. Said I wasn’t talking out of my ass when I shared those words.

You said I have a big mouth and I said so do you and so do those you hang out with.

They shared what was supposed to be kept quiet.

They said things that they shouldn’t have.

I listened.

I heard.

I watched.

And I waited.


You can figure out what that means.

You can sit, stew and wonder.

You haven’t ever truly felt my fury because I protected you from it.

I took what you poured out and danced in the flames.


I don’t make idle threats.

I am not easily pinned down but when I promise to do something I see it through.\


Watch and wonder.

Listen to the echoes of the past and slumber in the silence.

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