Mumbo Jumbo

He sat down at the computer and flipped on iTunes.

The first two songs to play were The Beatles singing Come Together followed by Something.

He pursed his lips and a few words about it being time for the universe to send him a sign that made sense. Come Together and Something made sense to him, or at least he thought they might.

Truth was he wanted to believe it made sense but his head restrained his heart and suggested that you can find meanings in anything. Look hard and long enough at something and you could find a million angels dancing on the head of a pin or something like that.

That was part of the joy of being a fence sitter. He wasn’t quite an atheist nor quite agnostic. It meant he wanted to believe but found it hard to give in completely to either side. What he wanted was to get a complete picture before he made his decision.

He wanted to feel confident and comfortable that his decision was based upon something solid. So he asked the universe to prove his position right or wrong. He asked for empirical evidence that there was nothing more or that there was something more.

Heart laughed at head and called him a fool for asking what was obvious. Head looked at heart and said “what the fuck are you talking about!”

Heart laughed again, “joy is in the ear that hear and the eyes that see. Open yours and all the answers you have asked for will be obvious.”

Head responded with a curse and a comment about not being taken in by” mumbo jumbo” and heart responded with a deep sigh, “then live in your sadness.”

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