Almost 1:30, too tired to write a full story, too big an idea not to try to salvage some of it.

Heart and head were having a conversation when heart told head:

“I proved I wasn’t crazy. I told you I knew what I was talking about and that we should follow my plan.”

Head laughed at heart.

“You are a fool to place all of your eggs in one basket. All you proved was that someone had similar feelings. There was no suggestion or reason to believe they would act upon them. You are setting yourself up for failure.”

Heart snorted.

“Head, if we followed your lead we would never benefit from the rewards of risk taking. I don’t have to wait to hear your response because you will focus on the failures and forget about the successes we have had. Sometimes you have faith that you can figure out what comes. You can’t see love but you know it exists.”

“Heart, if you park the car in the garage and roll up all the windows you won’t see the gas that will kill you either. Lack of sight does not mean lack of risk or consequence. You have been broken more than once and the last time you were destroyed.”

“Head, my dear friend all of that is true except each time I came back wiser and stronger. Sometimes you take the risk for the big reward. Sometimes you accept there are things you know that you cannot prove except by taking a chance. The world was not flat and Columbus survived.”

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