The Bridge

“Well it ain’t no secret
I’ve been around a time or two
Well I don’t know baby maybe you’ve been around too
Well there’s another dance
All you gotta do is say yes
And if you’re rough and ready for love
Honey I’m tougher than the rest
If you’re rough enough for love
Baby I’m tougher than the rest”

Tougher Than The Rest- Bruce Springsteen

After decades of Dancing In The Fire he gotten used to aching alone and apart. The flames had become a trusted companion and he was no longer aware that life didn’t have to be this way.

She had taken her own path and gotten lost in her world. Caught up in the daily responsibilities those mundane and those of import she let her passions run dry and forgot as he had that life had more to offer.

Decades passed and they passed their days without recognition of what was missing.

The words of the old Gypsy woman who had once told them that Virgo and Taurus had the power to heal each other were forgotten as well.

And then a day came when they had occasion to meet in the ruins of their forgotten kingdom.

The how and why of how this meeting came to be aren’t important, the details insignificant to those who weren’t there.

What is important is how she surprised him with her words and how after years his blindness was removed and he saw the bridge that led from the flames to dry land.

Hours after he crossed over he realized that he no longer was walking around with his fists and jaw clenched, finally he was breathing again. Life had a new look and he saw the world in a different way.

When he looked back at the bridge he saw how he had built a cage out of the confines of his own mind and understood that which he couldn’t before.

So he reached out for her and pulled her into his arms and said thank you. Pulled her close and whispered in her ear things that only she would understand.

If and when she wanted or needed him he would be there to take care of her and carry her.

Not because she was incapable of doing it on her own but because she wouldn’t ever ask and sometimes we all need to have a little faith in someone else.

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