What Do You See

Sometimes when we kiss I open my eyes to watch you kiss me. Sometimes I stare at you while you sleep and smile because I can’t believe you gave yourself to me.

I watch you walk and pay attention to the little things you do and say because I can’t get enough of you. Never get bored spending time with you and know that won’t change. Don’t know how I know any of these things, just that I do and that for some reason you feel the same about me.

When you wrap your legs around me and pull me in deeper I see a look in your eyes that mesmerizes me. There is a light that shines in them that comes out even brighter then and I can’t get enough of that either.

You tell me that you are not twenty any more and that you can’t do somethings you used to do, aren’t as flexible as you once were and i laugh. I tell you that I am not either but we are going to make up for lost time and we are going to do everything we never did.

And then I take you and laugh because you tell me you were wrong and that we can turn back the clock. I tell you that I am going to wear you out and you laugh again. It is a very pleasant laugh, fulfilled and dripping with love but it contains a silent challenge. You think my gender and age means that I can’t do what I say I will do and I tell you not to challenge me.

Because I have your heart and your head and that is the difference between the really young and those of us who have lived. We may not have all of the physical capacity and strength of our youth but we have a depth to us that we didn’t have then. And that depth provides a level of comfort that makes it possible to go places we never could have reached before.

It is how we create our own world and it is a big piece of the magic. It is part of why you sometimes cry when you are happy about being with me. I know it is never happened before and I don’t mention it during the moment because sometimes the best way to be present is to just be.

And I am grateful for it. Grateful because you remind me every day of what life is meant to be like and how one person can change everything in the most profound and positive ways.

Electricity is what I think of when I hold your hand on the couch. Such a simple gesture and so much goes into it. Every time you hug me I feel you melt into me and I wonder if we stayed like that if we would ever notice being hungry or cold.

This is what is, what was and what shall be. We aren’t supposed to say never but I can’t think of a time when we won’t feel like that because decades pass and the feeling never does.

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