Time Has No Meaning

You don’t have to tell me what you are thinking because I hear your thoughts. I know you are waiting for the hammer to come down and that you are hoping that somehow it doesn’t.

I know you are wondering if I haven’t shared all of my thoughts and told you all that I am doing, that you are trying to prepare yourself for the news that you don’t want. I know you are wondering if one day I will shatter your heart again and that if I tell you I must go your plan is to walk away because anything else would be too hard.

But that day hasn’t come and might not ever.

We are older than we once were and the time that we lost during the empty season won’t ever be recovered but we know how quickly we resumed our places that time has no meaning for us. We could be separated for a million years and it would take nothing more than our hands brushing against each other to remind us of who we are.

The physical connection can be severed but nothing else can and that is why time has no meaning.

I heard your heart crying out for mine and I found you. And though you had surrounded it with stone and ice I still marched back in and I could do it a thousand more times if I had to.

That is not the point, goal nor purpose.

I am not asking you to do anything other than hold my hand and walk with me. Don’t wonder about what might happen because none of this was ever supposed to be like this. There is no reason, logic or rational thought that can explain it.

It just is.

And instead of following my nature to swim upstream and fight the current I am taking a different tack. I am swimming with it and trying to use nature’s strength to complement and power my own. Let the water help me cut through the rocks in our path and let’s see what comes of it.

We are too smart not to take advantage of our resources and too strong not to withstand a momentary hiccup.

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