You Know I’ll Miss You

You ask me if I am going to miss you while you are gone and I turn the question around on you. Push you to be the one who says you’ll miss me and then when you say you love me I smile.

Smile because I feel the warmth that comes with it and every time I hear it I remember…things.

Things that only you and I know, that only you and I have shared.

Remember what it is like to feel you watching me and to know that you are paying close attention to all the little details and though I may not look as I once did you don’t let that stop you from giving yourself to me.

And I sit here listening to Dylan singing Forever Young and I realize that is how we will always be to each other. No matter how old our physical bodies may be we will always be forever young, the boy and the girl who fell in love.

We’ll never really forget the days when we could run forever and when you could climb on my back and we would wander through our fields and wander about our kingdom.

And it will be as it always has, one kiss that changed two lives forever.

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