She Swallowed It All

I ran my fingers through Ann’s hair. She rolled her eyes at me and kept eating her hot dog. She hated sports and had often told me she hadn’t any time to spend at them but I knew if it meant spending time with me she would make an exception.

Our lives were exceptionally busy and we were at a place where we weren’t ready to live together…yet. It had taken some doing to convince her to go to the ballpark with me but I know my girl and had figured out a couple of angles.

I told her I thought she looked extra sexy with that Kosher dog in her mouth and laughed as she bit down hard and made a point to chew rather aggressively.

“I am not surprised you didn’t have a boyfriend in college. With that kind of behavior it is a wonder men didn’t wear a suit of armor around you.”

She rolled her eyes at me and stuck out her tongue.

“You don’t want to know how many boyfriends I had in college.”

“I suppose I love you because you are the most humble woman I know.”

She snorted out loud, “humility is not something you know anything about.”

He laughed again and smiled at her, “when people ask me how tonight went I am going to say she swallowed it all.”

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