1,724 Days Or More

He couldn’t decide whether his body ached more than his heart nor could he figure out why she couldn’t just feel it radiating off of him. The thought made him laugh because he had told her more than once that he wasn’t a mind reader and that she shouldn’t get upset when she didn’t talk to him about what was bothering her.

But sometimes when two become one they get lost in the moments and the memories and forget about the limitations that sometimes prevent smooth communication between the two.

He stood up and this time he noticed that he groaned out loud, sore muscles reminded him just how long it had been since he had last played and how much time had passed since he had really been a twenty something year old kid.

Sometimes she frustrated him because she would pick and poke at him about nonsense and he couldn’t figure out why she would insist on trying to start fights with him. They weren’t teenagers any more and she didn’t need to act like it. He thought about telling her but didn’t feel like listening to her insist it was his fault or his problem.

Might not have been fair or entirely accurate but they were in a funny place. Those wacky circumstances had placed them back where they didn’t want to be and even though it wasn’t forever they reacted like it would be. It was a silly and childish reaction on their parts to be so damn melodramatic about how life could be cruel, so when she irritated him he shut his mouth.

Shut his mouth mostly because he didn’t want to fight or say something she would see as being mean. She might not realize it, but he did his best to protect her heart and hold it close to his.


Some hours later he found himself back in the car driving to no place in particular, just driving because it was the one place no one could reach him and he was in desperate need of quiet time.

Turned on the radio and heard Dylan singing The Wedding Song.

The tune that is yours and mine to play upon this earth
We’ll play it out the best we know, whatever it is worth
What’s lost is lost, we can’t regain what went down in the flood
But happiness to me is you and I love you more than blood

The words made him smile and he got lost in thought about her. This moment in time was proof to him that he was right about everything and that if just kept pushing along they would get to the other side.
She was judgmental, intolerant and impatient but she was his air, beautiful, sexy and his favorite pain-in-the-ass. She would roll her eyes about much of it, complain about his description and ask him to provide examples of her actions. She might even give him a list of things that he had done wrong too, but when push came to shove when he took her hand and pulled her in she would hug him back.
And in the quiet of the night when she felt his hand upon her hip she would always make a point to give herself and together they would move in a way that would make them forget they had ever been apart.
That was the truth and the reality. She would make a point to ask him when that moment would come and if he didn’t give her specifics she would complain.
So he would smile and tell her that he knew things and laugh when she told him she hated that. He knew it wasn’t her favorite thing but he also knew that she believed him and that as long as felt safe in his arms she would always come and she always did.
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