My Arms Were Open

Sometimes I forget how strong the connection is between us and how much energy flows back and forth. Sometimes I forget that when things are off kilter for one of us it affects both of us.

And because I forgot the morning was a bit hellish ‘cuz when the one you love says they don’t think they can be with you it is hard not to remember to breathe and act.

Instead I reacted. Forgot that what you were asking for was for me to open my arms and let you lay your head on my shoulder. Forgot that you have learned to let me carry you and that when you are upset you come looking for me.

Got time to catch my breath and realized that I had made a mistake by not showing you that my arms were and are open. Can’t promise that I won’t make that mistake again but I do know that I will always catch my breath and figure it out.

And I did so I am reminding you that my arms are open.

Can’t guarantee it will fix everything or that you’ll find all of the answers you seek there but I feel confident about it. Got this funny feeling that I can’t describe, but it is the one that says we are ok and I am running with it because I have learned to listen to it.

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