What She Needed And What She Wanted

Sometimes he would respond to her question with “I know things” and she would roll her eyes. It wasn’t a real answer. She liked details and that was the kind of non detailed answer that she found irritating.

Yet the more time she spent with him the more she realized that he wasn’t kidding. He did know things about her. He just got her and that made her happy.

It didn’t mean that he never irritated her because he did that. Hell, he was an expert at getting under her skin. Sometimes she wondered what the hell was wrong with him because he would do things that were so annoying.

And that made no sense to her.

How could a man who understood her so very well do things that were so obviously dumb. When she mentioned it to him he would just laugh and tell her to relax.

And she found that puzzling.

Puzzling because she never would have tolerated that from any other man yet she never could stay angry with him. So it was a bit of a relief when he told her that he could’t stay angry with her either.

She wasn’t a scorekeeper but it made her feel better to know they felt the same way about that.

One day they sat on the couch holding hands and he looked at her and said he knew the difference between what she wanted and what she needed.

“I think it is wonderful you know so much about me that you feel entitled to speak for me.”

He laughed again, shushed her and kissed her.

“You are over thinking things here. I obviously don’t know everything but I just understand you. Can’t always explain how or why but I know enough to make a pretty damn good guess about some of these things. And if you are nice to me I might actually tell you.”

She rolled her eyes again and made a point not to ask him what those things were. It wasn’t easy not to give in because she really did want to know what he thought, but sometimes you had to pretend that you just didn’t care all that much or men would start to take you for granted and she never wanted that,

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