You are Meaner

She tells me I am meaner than she is and I laugh.

“It is not funny, you should treat me nicer.”

I pull her into my arms and wrap them around her. Her body is stiff against mine and she makes a face.”

“You don’t have to hug me back, I am just happy holding you.”

I run my hands up and down her body and when I rub her butt she says that my wandering hands aren’t welcome today. I shrug my shoulders, walk over to the stereo and turn on some music.

She follows me over to the couch and sits down next to me. We are not quite touching and I try to move farther away from her, silently smiling because I know it will only be a matter of moments before she moves closer.

Doesn’t matter if we are happy, angry or sad we always make a point to have body parts touching each other.

Time passes, can’t say if it is a minute, ten or an hour but it has happened. Our legs are touching and my right is playing with her hair.

We don’t even realize that we have moved back into our secret world and are in that place where time doesn’t work as it should. She is asking me who said I could rub her thigh and I am asking why she hiked up her skirt.

She stands up and I take her hand and gently pull on it.

I am looking up at her now, my hands are on her hips and she is staring back at me.

“You are oversexed, we aren’t college students any more.”

I smile at her and say if it makes her feel better she is welcome to blame me for taking control.

She makes another face, straddles me and then tells me that she is the boss and if I am smart I will just shut up.

“But we are not college students any more and you just said I am oversexed.

Her lips cover mine and she shushes me, I am still tempted to remind her that I am the boss but sometimes it is better to be quiet so I am.

Later on we’ll lie next to each other and she’ll tell me that I am a very lucky man. I’ll nod my head and agree and then I’ll roll on top of her and ask her if she remembers college.

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