Not Just Another New Year’s Eve

There must have been four rings before your voicemail picked up but I can’t say for certain because I have been day dreaming about you in that black dress. Busy thinking about how you wore it for me on your birthday and how good you looked in it.

I remember watching you turn in a circle for me and how you took my breath away and how I had to kiss you because I couldn’t not touch you. I remember sitting on the couch with you, holding hands as we watched a movie and how in the dark I would stop and just stare at you.

You stood up and I asked you to face me. I sat on the couch and ran my hands up and down your legs, told you that I was going to have to have you forever.

If you asked me to give you more details about how the evening went I couldn’t give you as many specifics as you might want because I was lost in us and our moment.

Told you that we were heading towards a time when we could celebrate New Year’s Eve together and that when we did it wouldn’t be just another one on a long list of things we had done.

Told you that we are magic together and that it is the kind of magic you rarely find but when you do you cannot let go because experience has taught you to pay attention to that kind of thing. Because when you are old enough to have lived some life and have learned from those experiences that led to this moment you know to pay attention.

And when you said that I was crazy, told me that you were nothing special I laughed because sometimes you minimize things because it is hard to admit that the magic we have is as powerful as it is. It is part of how you sometimes try to protect yourself but that is ok because every time we kiss you come that much closer to accepting that you are not just loved, but cherished.

And when you tell me I am smug and over confident about you honoring my requests I laugh again because I know that even if you don’t always voice it you get what this is and you don’t like saying no to me.

I don’t rub that in your face. Don’t make an issue of knowing that our blurred lines and boundaries have opened all of the doors to your heart because it goes two directions.

So I remind you again that I could write a very steamy note to you and never stop smiling because that is just how it is for us.

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