Our Story

My seventies girl is lying on her side, right arm extended backwards, hand searching for mine. “Baby, why are you so far away?”

She has that sleepy tone in her voice, won’t be more than a couple of moments before I hear her breathing change, won’t have to see her face to know that she is fast asleep.

“I can’t sleep like this, come here.”

I play her words back in my head and smile. How long has it been since we last saw each other. How long has it been since we wanted to hold or be held in our sleep. It feels good to know that she prefers to feel my body pressed up against hers than to be stretched out alone.

It has been four months since we last saw each other, but it feels much longer to us or it did. Within moments of seeing each other she was wrapped in my arms, lips pressed against my own, our one heart beating together.

I look down at her and tell her that I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t a part of me and that something magical has happened again.

She smiles and asks me to tell her what that is.

“It always feels like forever when we are apart but the moment we see each other it feels like no time has passed. We always pick up where we left off. I never get tired of being with you, that is special.”

She tells me she feels the same and asks, “do you want to do it before we eat or after?”

I laugh and tell her that I am not a piece of meat.

“You are my meat and ten minutes after we do it you’ll be asleep so I want to know how hungry you are.”

I laugh again. “What am I 18? I am not that guy.”

Fingers run through my hair and across my belly, “no, you aren’t, are you.”

“I laugh and remind her that she is the cougar in this relationship and then flex my muscles. She wraps two hands around my bicep and tells me that I look good to her.

“We are going to do it before and after. Do you need to stretch before we start? I want to practice safe sex and I would hate for you to get a cramp.”

She rolls her eyes at me and we laugh. The level of comfort and trust has always been deeper than we had with anyone else and that is a large part of why we have always rolled over any obstacles. She always gives herself completely to me and we get lost in moments that only we share.

I slide my arm under her head and wrap my other around her and smile again as I feel the tension in her body disappear. In a few moments I hear a soft snore coming from her and I smile again. She won’t like it being described that way and will tell you that I snore louder than anyone she knows.

Time passes and we’ll wake up, check our phones and get dressed to head out for dinner. Tonight we are going out to a swanky steakhouse.

The waiter brings her a glass of wine and some single malt for me. Twice baked mashed potatoes, Filet mignon for her and a New York Strip steak for me and then chocolate cake for desert.

“Baby, we are going to need to work this off tonight.”

She looks at me and says she is not 25 anymore. It takes a moment for me to realize she is teasing me and I feel silly.

Four hours later in the dead of night I feel her hands running all over me and I tell her I am not 25 any more. She giggles and says she can help with that.

In the midst of lovemaking she tells me she loves me and wants me to name some songs that describe us.

Happy- Bruce Springsteen

Come Live With Me- Ray Charles 

She asks me to tell her why and then asks if I will sing them to her. I tell her I have been singing our song since we met and that I can always hear her singing it too.

“Tell me why you picked those songs.”

“Because I did.”

“Baby! I want to know, tell me.”

I squeeze her tightly and start moving faster. She wraps her legs around me and squeezes whispering “tell me.”

“After, I will tell you after.”

I don’t have to see her face to know that I am getting that look from her, the one where her eyes narrow. I pay attention to it because sometimes it is the one I get when she is angry and sometimes it is the one she gives when she is thinking that men are a pain in her ass.

“You know why I picked those songs? It is because…”

A few hours later we wake up and she tells me that it is not fair that I fell asleep so quickly afterwards. “Baby, I have been up since the crack of dawn while you have been snoring away. Tell me why you picked those songs.”

“Well, if you are going to nag me about it I am not going to say anything.”

I can’t maintain a straight face and start laughing. “You were ready to kill me, weren’t you.”

She nods her head and then I make sure to tell her that I didn’t think she was nagging me at all. It is easy to say because I really don’t think she was doing it.

“Here is why I picked those songs”

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