Should I Ignore You

She told me she is a free woman and able to make any decision she wants to make. Said that she lives her life based upon her choices and told me a bunch of other stuff that I could share but won’t.

Could tell you exactly what it was but she would say I was telling it wrong and ask me about my revisionist history. I would probably respond by saying I choose to listen to that which pleases my ear and that I ignore that which doesn’t.

That might earn a response of, “oh you think you are so supreme, don’t you.” And then I would say yes and insist that she kiss me and that would be the end of it, at least for that moment.

You see that damn woman could be described as the worst thing that ever happened to me. Could be said she was the bane of my existence.

Hah, just writing that makes me laugh for a moment because if she read those words quickly her head might explode and then she would accuse me of baiting her.

But that is not my style, I might tease her from time to time, pull on her pigtails but not bait.

Because she knows she is the best thing that ever happened and that she restored my faith in love, lust and all that other rot. She knows that she only gets sexier and more beautiful to me and that I don’t care if she doesn’t look precisely as she did at 20.

Hell, she can pick out the age she thinks she was most beautiful at and I’ll still take her now over then, unless we invent time travel.

I am kidding honey, just kidding.

But I am not kidding when I say you are a giant pain in my ass nor will I let anyone else refer to you that way because I choose to put up with your antics and that is a big distinction. I choose you.

Don’t know how it all happened. Can’t tell you exactly why. I just know that it did.

Don’t ask me to tell you why I love you. Don’t ask me to list all the reasons.I don’t say that just because you wouldn’t answer me if I asked but because sometimes the magic is in the mystery.

You smile every time you kiss me. I notice that. It jumps out at me.

We fight but we don’t stay angry and that jumps out at me.

We have been together forever now but in many ways we are just starting out and I kind of like that. No, I love that.

Decades ago we decided that there had to be a minimum of ten people we could fall in love with, serious love. We said that math and science made it impossible to say otherwise and I still agree.

But I have no interest in trying to prove that theorem true. Only a fool would ignore the person who makes their heart feel full and brings joy to their soul.

Only a moron would walk away or pretend it wasn’t real, didn’t exist or any other combination of go away this can’t work kind of nonsense.

And well, I am your fool so get used to my being around and get used to not being able to forget about me because I am in your head and it is not going to get any quieter inside.

I’ll be coming for you, don’t have an exact date but I know the time frame.

And I’ll do my best not to make you any crazier by ignoring you because you hate that. You hate when I don’t pay attention to you which is exactly why sometimes I want to go silent because I love teasing you.

But I love making you happy even more and since I carry your heart I am always aware of how it beats.

Got to run.

P.S. You kissed me first.

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