Your Thoughts Are Too Loud

Haven’t had a real conversation in more than a week. No telephone, no email, text or telegrams have been exchanged.

If I was responsible for this you would go nuts and scream at me but since it is you and not me there is no screaming to be heard or anger to be had.

It is that funny old double standard but I don’t mind because I am used to it and I expect it. More importantly your thoughts are too loud to be ignored and I know what you are thinking. Know what your dreams, secrets and hopes are just as I know what you fear.

I know things.

I know things about you and I know things about me. Most importantly I know things about us and there is so much more to be enjoyed. So much good and so much fun coming down the pike. Can’t stop it from happening and I don’t want to. Things are unfolding as they will and as they should.

Soon you’ll be in my arms again and you’ll wonder why you didn’t spend more time in them when you had the chance. I am not worried because I know things.

I have proven it before and I’ll prove it again. Just watch me.

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