Sunday Afternoon

It is another lazy Sunday afternoon and we’re lying in bed, soaking up the moment. I am laughing as I tell you about how the heels on your shoes might have left permanent indentations in my calves.

You’ll tell me that I attacked you when you walked through the door and say I couldn’t wait to get your dress off of you. I’ll laugh and say that you were so hungry for me you didn’t bother to take your shoes off.

Doesn’t matter whether we are both right or wrong about who went after who because the end result was the same.

When I tell you that I wish I had a camera so you could have seen yourself you hit my arm and tell me you don’t want to make a porno. I laugh and tell you that you weren’t just sexy and amazing, you were beautiful.

I watched your face and got lost in your eyes. There was a moment when your hips rose to meet mine that I can’t properly describe.


I am sitting on the couch in the living room while you go fix your hair. When you walk in and ask me what I want for lunch I pull you into my arms, wrap my fingers in your hair and say “you.”

Your hands wander for a moment and you promise there will be time later. I nod my head and goose you as you walk to the door.

Lunch is pizza and beer.

I stare at you and think about how long ago college was and how it doesn’t matter that we can’t go back in time because I know now is better.

It is harder and more complicated than then, but now is better. Better because we know ourselves so much better than we did. Now it is very clear what we want and what we need.

When I tell you that you are my favorite pain-in-my-ass your eyes narrow but the light in them never goes away.

“I don’t care what you say, you are always going to be my girl.”

“I am.”

When you smile at me I tell you I am serious and you assure me you are too. I don’t tell you I know the thoughts stirring in the back of your head.

I know about your qualms and your concerns. I don’t like them but I understand and I figure that it is about one step at a time. Can’t predict the future, but I know what you said before and yet here we are

We’ll make love again and again and I’ll see those concerns go away and I’ll feel better but I know I haven’t seen the last of them.

And then you’ll kiss me and I’ll know that one kiss is always going to the be key. One kiss will always bring us back.

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