Mottel Kamzoil

I found this sitting in my drafts folder today. Wrote it long ago but don’t know why I didn’t publish it. Sitting here thinking about many things. Reminds me of someone telling me that we are family and that we are inextricably linked together.

And I am reminded again about that Reason, Season, Lifetime poem.

Every time I say lifetime bells go off in my head and I hear a voice yelling “YES!” There was a time when I ignored that voice but no longer. These days I listen and roll with it because when I don’t fight it I find peace of mind and a sense of purpose that makes me smile.

I think of experiences shared in the past and those yet to come. To me it feels like we have lived through the trailer of a spectacular movie that is filled with all the highs and lows that come with a great story. It is a tale of a journey that has multiple layers to it.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. For now the roads are parallel again but the intersection will arrive sooner or later.

My seventies girl has awful taste in music and a talent for making me crazier than anyone else I have ever met. A knack for revising history to meet her ideas and a sharp tongue that sometimes pierces my skin.

But she and I have shared some of the most profound and life changing experiences of my life. She has a smile that lights up the room and a light in her eyes that makes me feel like no one else is around.

She has told me that she has never fought with anyone else like she has fought with me and has done things to intentionally try and push me away,

It would be patently false and wrong to suggest that she doesn’t have a list of things that I have done to irritate and upset her. It takes two to make a relationship and I readily accept my portion.

And I sit here thinking about which Moody Blues song to share and wondering if maybe there is something more that needs to be said. Listening to the The Story in Your Eyes and The Voice I float away and am lost in the parade of the past but looking towards the future.

Ever searching for that feeling I get when I close my eyes and I feel her presence. Staring at the sunset and watching the moon set adrift on memories and moved to take action.

In the midst of the moment I feel like Mottel Kamzoil and yet I have every reason not to start singing Wonder of Wonders. Every reason to smile about everything and to move a different way, to take a new path.

And yet all I hear in my head is Mottel singing

It is funny to think about how the world can scream at us and 99% of the time neither one of us will flinch because the world isn’t our boss.

But when we are upset by or with the other things are quite different and yet we never stay angry with the other.

Don’t ask me to tell you what I know because even though I know things I won’t share. Don’t ask me to tell you because I won’t. What I can say is that love is a funny thing and it is powerful enough to move mountains, change destinies and create something magical out of ashes.

And with that he clicked delete and…

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