What Is Frustrating

I wrote an entire story in the shower, beginning, middle and end. It was amazing. Magical, mystical, compelling and creative.

And then I tried to move it from inside my head to the page and came up with something that makes me say feh, bleah and kablooey. I should just delete it but I won’t…not yet.

Will let it sit and see if I can salvage parts and pieces. Hard to look at it and see so much potential and then wonder why it fell apart.

Correction, will take it and turn it to  a draft and then salvage later.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Frustrating

  1. I know the feeling. I have multiple stories/drafts/ideas sitting just like this. My ideas, the great ones, come during the night and I try so hard to commit them to memory without turning on the light to writer them. In the morning, I try to squeeze them out but…POOF! Gone, but not really gone, just not as good as they were.

    • Sometimes you just have to write even when you don’t trust the material because it might be better than you think. We are often our own worst critics.

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