Who And What To Listen To

Almost midnight, nothing but a glass of Single Malt, keyboard and music to keep me company. It is one of those nights where Johnny shakes his head at the absurdity of life.

A thousand years ago he met a girl and fell in love. There is nothing different or unusual about that. If I told you about how I got her, lost her, got her back and then had to let go again you might cry.

Or you might say some things aren’t meant to be. My response to share a couple of quotes from Picasso.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ”

You can tell me I am a fool and or an idiot and I will agree with you. I am both of those things and more. I am the dreamer who finds the way to turn dreams into reality. I am the man who knows things and the one who can see things.

I am he who finds a way to make the impossible possible.

When you tell me that I am not listening to what was said to me and that I am acting a certain way because I don’t like what I heard I nod my head in agreement.

I didn’t like what I heard, who would. But I didn’t believe it and still don’t.

There are times when I listen to my head and times when I listen to my heart. You might even argue that I am being driven by one head as I ignore the other but I won’t engage in that conversation.

I could. I could tell you that I have never had sweeter lips to kiss nor had as much sheer pleasure from being with a woman as I did with her.

But if you tried to say it was nothing but lust I would shake my finger at you and tell you that it is not true. And I would guarantee that any words she said to the contrary were only filler material she used to convince herself to stay at arm’s length.

Wouldn’t bother me one bit to hear you say it or to hear her because what I listen to isn’t simply spoken.

There is a notebook filled with our story. Images of black dresses, birthdays and fancy meals fill it alongside a million other moments.

And like I said, I know things and chief among them is the lips lie while the heart weeps.

But sometimes the utter faith of the heart rejoices because potential is filled and untold riches are given as a reward. Nothing happens overnight and what is said can be changed.

Sometimes the river flows backwards and the course is corrected. That doesn’t mean the course correction leaves those who sailed upon it smiling because sometimes you can’t overcome the dam that is placed in front of you.

But every now and then you find the way to move your ship to land for a while so that one day you can resume sailing under clear blue skies and endless blue waters.

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