People Talking Without Speaking

“People talking without speaking” describes us because there is never the kind of silence that others experience. Since that switch was flipped there is never a time where there is not some sort of communication going on between us.

There might be moments where the words we speak in silence aren’t heard but that is only because we actively choose to ignore them. We find ways to muffle and ignore things but that hasn’t ever broken the telephone line that reaches across the miles.

It reminds me of that Jimmy Buffet song, if the phone doesn’t ring it is me, at least I think that is the title. Can’t remember the lyrics well enough to know if they are truly appropriate or not. Doesn’t really matter because I am not trying to use those lyrics to make a point or tell a story.

That title says it all to me. It is the active choice not to call even when we want to reach out and fill the other in on what is going on.

Hell, isn’t that really what we want to do even when there is nothing  new to share. Isn’t that sort of the thing that makes life special with someone else. It is that feeling you get when you want to spend time with someone for no reason other than you just like being with them.

Isn’t that part of what life is about, finding the person who you can talk to without speaking. The person who can sit in a room with you and their presence makes you feel better and that is when things are good.

Because when things are bad and you need a shoulder to cry on or arms to be in you go looking for someone. But when that someone is also the person you talk to without speaking, well then you have something special. Then you have something different.

Then you have someone to enjoy the sounds of silence with and someone to enjoy the sounds of life with.

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