Some Words Never Lose Their Meaning

We did more than share a moment. We built an entire universe and lived a thousand lives inside our secret world. We loved and we lived. Man loves woman and girl loves boy.

I don’t have to ask your permission to love you and I don’t have to live in the past. I can pretend that once was is just a memory and I can move on past the moment. That is the beauty of choice and free will. But I can also admit, accept and acknowledge that something more is going on and I can follow the signs through the mist and blaze a trail through the fog.

I can see if that helps that which once was morph into that which is and that is what I intend to do. Life is short and our grip is tenuous. So I will do what I do best and dance in the fire and dare the flames to burn me. I will climb the hills and walk through the valleys because that was the promise I made to you and I will hold myself to it.

And I will do what is required so that I can determine whether the ghosts I see are the spirits of the future or the shades of the past. And in the midst of it all I will continue to hold out my hand so that you can take it. Because I never stopped being your hero and I never gave up.

I never regretted doing as I did or choosing as I chose. If time were a person he/she might be viewed as a trickster, one that shows you the past but conceals the future so that you can almost see what lies beyond the bend.

And because you think you can almost make out what lies beneath the surface you act. You do so with the best of intentions and all of your hopes and dreams.

You do so without allowing the possibility that you are wrong, misguided and mistaken stop you. And you do so knowing that good intentions sometimes lead to to poor outcomes but action is better than stasis so you move.

And then you reconsider your movement and decide that sometimes the very best thing you can do is nothing. So you stop in place, close your eyes and just listen to all that is going on around you.

Soon enough it will be time to run with the moon again.

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