Sundays In Texas

Everywhere they went she was a woman but she never grew tired of being his girl.

Every story has a beginning but sometimes you have to reach the middle before you can see when things really started. Sundays in Texas is where we discovered ours but it took us ten years to get there.

Most of us have heard stories about love at first sight but only a few of us can say it happened. But don’t let that comment mislead you into thinking that we are one of those love at first sight couples, because we are not.

We are something else and just as special. I don’t mean special as in “special ed” nor should you interpret it to be sarcastic or snarky. I could have used a 100 other words to describe us but special sounds better to me than remarkable and it hasn’t been overused like amazing or epic.

What you have here is a simple story about a man and a woman or a boy and a girl. You pick the descriptors that make you happiest and I’ll tell you more about us.

In most ways we are ordinary people that you would pass on the street and not think twice about. We are no taller or shorter, skinnier or fatter than the next one.

We like to think people notice when we are around and that we have a certain presence but mostly that is because we are humans and humans like to be noticed. But you won’t find us trying to be the life of the party of the center of attention. That is not to say we actively avoid those things because we don’t and they do happen, but neither one of us feels like less of a person if people don’t come running up to us to ask us what we think or feel.

Still as ordinary as we may be we have an extraordinary relationship and if you were to spend time with us together you would have a hard time not noticing how good we are together and how we bring out the best in each other.

Some of our friends have described as being like a couple of high school kids but not as sickly sweet. They say that because we have a hard time not touching each other. If we are in a place where public displays of affection are frowned upon we are careful to respect it but if you watch closely you’ll see us brush against each other or hold hands.


“You are family now. I am not going to ever let you go.”

I laughed.

“Famous last words, I remember when it happened.”

“I know. I am sorry it happened and I am sorry it took so long for me to thaw out.”

“Yeah, me too who knew you could be so frigid.”

She punched me in the arm and I laughed because frigid was never a word I would use to describe her.

“You know that if you cut me loose again I would walk away and never chase you.”

“Hah, that would never happen, you love me far too much. Besides you’ll never find anyone who can take better care of you.”

“I suppose you are right. I do love you far too much and I wouldn’t just let go, especially since I know how sometimes you run off at the mouth.”

I kissed her hard before she could respond. I didn’t need to hear her response, not because I didn’t care but because we didn’t have to talk to talk.

Communication is something that comes naturally to us. We don’t have to say much to understand what the other person was talking about. Friends have asked about it and rolled their eyes at me when I said we communicate telepathically but they don’t know how often we just know things.

It sounds ridiculous but we can feel each other thinking and it is not unusual for us to hear the phone ring and know it is our other half.

Some of you would probably say it is because we call at the same time every day but that is not it and even if it was there are too many instances where the phone rang and she/I knew.

But none of it matters because it doesn’t explain how I know when she is calling nor does it lend real significance or gravitas to our story.

I suppose it begs the question of what does and how do we show you what makes Sundays in Texas so very special.

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