Reeling In The Years

“Would you recognize my handwriting or would it look like some chicken scratches that belonged to some nameless, faceless person?”

“I think I would and even if I didn’t all I would need to see are your words. I always know your writing, you can’t hide that from me.”

He smiled looked down at the ground and walked down to the water’s edge.

“One of the guys told me we are just reeling in the years but I told him he was wrong. We are just getting started. Can’t lie and say that some things aren’t different. Can’t say that things haven’t changed but the really big things haven’t. So my hair isn’t what it used to be and my body isn’t as taut as it once was these aren’t important.

They bother my ego but my hair doesn’t mean a damn thing to me and the body, well I know the sort of exercise that helps people lose weight and stay happy.”

This time she was the one who smiled.

“You may look like an old man but you think like a young one. It always comes back to sex for you, doesn’t it.”

He rolled his eyes.

“No, it doesn’t always come back to sex. But the thing is that you are really sexy and I love you so I like showing you my love.”

She smiled and this time she was the one who reached for his hand. They stood there in the twilight staring at the water lost in the moment.

And in the silence he swore he could feel her asking him to prove he would go the distance. He thought about telling her he would but he couldn’t think of the right words to say.

He stepped in front of her, took her face in his hands and kissed her on the mouth and smiled.

She smiled back at him and they sat and watched the final rays of the day turn into the first moments of starlight.

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