What The Hell Just Happened

Threw on the headphones, turned on iTunes and the first song that flowed through the speakers was Weekend In New England. Listened to the first part and had to rewind it because something about it caught my ear and got stuck in my throat.

What the hell just happened to me. Did Barry Manilow just stop me in my tracks. Is someone going to pull my man card. Do I need to go buy some power tools or demolish a wall or two. Hell I might go work on the car…

Yeah, that whole starting a story whose end must wait caught me in a way that it never ever has before. Or maybe it was the part about being in the city.

Could be both, could be neither.

Could be nothing more than recognition that the reason I feel unsettled and disjointed is because I figured more things out and realized that even though I don’t know what will happen I can’t see sailing this ship I am on with the same crew. Always knew it but now I feel the need for the change because I know better.

And I know better because of things I have done, experiences I have had and trust in my ability to find my way through every storm. Not exactly thrilled with finding myself in the midst of another one but I knew that I had to sail the ship through this sea. Stormy waters lead to the calm place I want to end up in.

Don’t need to see the stars to chart this path either because this one has an internal GPS that has me locked on the route only downside about it is that the path isn’t highlighted. You can’t print out all of the steps in advance.

All you can do is keep your head up, your eyes open and be ready to roll with whatever comes. Might not make for easy planning but it does make for some exciting times and that is the hallmark of every good adventure.

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