A Fragment

She asked him not to kiss her and said it was because she didn’t have any romantic feelings for him.

He laughed and shook his head and that made her angry.

“You need to respect my decisions.
-You need to be honest with yourself and with me.
– I am being honest. I don’t have any feelings for you.
-Hah, one kiss will lead us right to the bedroom.
-No, it won’t and you will not kiss me.
-You go right ahead and keep telling yourself that because I am not going to try.”

She rolled her eyes and snorted.

“Like I believe that.
-believe it, I am not going to try and kiss you. Why should I when I know you will kiss me.
-Your ego is huge. That is not going to happen.
-It will and it has every other time. You always kiss me first and then pretend like you didn’t.
-You are such a revisionist.
-No. I am a realist and I understand how you operate. You just need time to accept you are crazy about me and then we’ll go from there.
-A man who talks like that isn’t going to get laid.
-Hah, you just admitted you like me and you want me.”

Her eyes narrowed and she muttered something.

“Baby, I love you even when you are acting ridiculously.
-I am not going to sleep with you.
-Fine, I am not going to kiss you.
-Like hell you are not going to try. Don’t lie to yourself. You are a man.
-No, I am your man but you just haven’t figured that part out yet but you will.
-You are infuriating.
-No. I am hungry so decide if you want to kiss me or have lunch first.”

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