The One- Notes For A Story

He told her she was his air and that she had his heart and then he got in his car and drove away.

The light passed into darkness and under a desert moon he thought about how very strange life can be. If you ask the question about if it is true that love finds you when you least expect it she would be the answer.

Timing and circumstances had been the devil of their relationship and the adversary he had yet to find a way to conquer. Every time he thought about it he found himself shaking his head and wondering what possessed him to dance in the fire as he had been doing.

And every time he thought about her he heard music. It wasn’t always the same song but it was still music.

“I saw you dancing out the ocean
Running fast along the sand
A spirit born of earth and water
Fire flying from your hands

In the instant that you love someone
In the second that the hammer hits
Reality runs up your spine
And the pieces finally fit

And all I ever needed was the one
Like freedom fields where wild horses run
When stars collide like you and I
No shadows block the sun
You’re all I’ve ever needed
Baby you’re the one” The One- Elton John

The miles passed and with each rotation of the tire he was physically farther from her but part of what kept him going was emotionally he never felt the distance in the same way.

If you asked him he would tell you that he knew it didn’t matter if they were separated for a day or a decade because they would always pick up where they left off.

“The chemistry between us is different than anything I have ever experienced. It is not just love and lust but it friendship is mixed in it all too.”

Relatively few people would nod their heads because they would wonder how a grown up could act like they were in high school but those few who get it would understand that sometimes you get lucky and discover your best friend is the person you are in love with.

Under the desert moon he’d wonder if she loved him as deeply as she always had and then his phone would ring and she’d check in to make sure he was safe and while she slept he’d keep driving and remember how she said their were family now.

His tiny dancer, the dancing queen with dark eyes who was sometimes prone to running away from him would never let herself go so far they couldn’t see each other.

She had told him he had to go and pushed him to take care of the loose ends but he had seen the pain in her eyes as she did it and had known how it hurt.

It seemed so unfair to have overcome so much and yet be forced back into a position where they couldn’t enjoy the benefits of what they had worked so hard to produce.

He wasn’t completely surprised when she told him she couldn’t hold on from such a distance and though it hurt him deeply he didn’t fight because he was convinced it was temporary.

And because he knew he had the strength to hold everything together. He knew he could carry her for miles and that for the time being if he wanted to have a shot at something later on he’d have to be the one to be the mule.

Some might have suggested he was a fool for doing so but anyone who understood what they had, what they could be and what they were to each other would recognize why they acted as they did.

She feared to be held accountable for certain changes and he understood that unless he could find a way to make her recognize those changes were as a result of his choices she would hold back.

He figured if they had found a way to tap into the magic that had brought them together and helped them find each other again things would work themselves out again.

It wasn’t easy to put faith in that alone because he believed things worked out because people made them work out but in this one case he always referred to his gut.

That gut feeling was what had helped serve as the guiding light that he had followed to her and it was flashing again. If you asked him to explain it in scientific terms he would say “shit happens’ but that was the best he had.

He couldn’t tell you how or why other than he just thought it would.

And if she asked him how or why he would say he knew things. She would tell him he needed a new shtick and he’d tell he promised he would find a way and then remind her she kissed him first.

She’d shake her head and say he attacked her neck. He’d say she tried to tear his pants off and then they would go back and forth or so he imagined.

But when she asked him to be serious he would say he was lucky because he fell in love with his best friend and she was both sexy and beautiful.

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