A Watchful Moon

I might add something to this post, but before I do I need to drop this in.

Long ago I told you that someone needed to write a song or a poem about you and it is still something I think about. But every time I try to do it I look at the words and wonder why they sound so awful. That infernal internal editor makes me wonder if what I put down on paper makes you understand what I see and why.

So here are a few pieces that might be a part of the puzzle. I need to figure out how to sift, sort and organize them.

Burning love under a moon risen early. Who knows how long and why but who run to speaks volumes

I hear your heart calling mine and I hear you ask why we pick each other.

It is late afternoon when I start my walk around the lake. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue and on most days all you would see would be endless miles of that shade and the light coming from the sun but not today.

Today the moon is an early riser and it is a sign and a signal.

Because I know that it is our moon and that whenever we are apart it has connected us. I know that there are moments where you look upon it at the same time as I do and it reflects the love we feel upon each other.

The burning ache of separation and the fire that we built together are a part of the watchful moon. The early riser who has shown up to let me know of your return and to remind me to look for your signal.

We don’t need to understand why one heart may be separated by life or the reasons why we pick each other to serve as air and sanctuary.

All we need to do is accept that sometimes we do and that when you find the person in whose arms you feel safest you do what you can to spend time there.

A watchful moon bids us to remember the moments and to not forget them when times are tough. When you are with whom you are supposed to be you forget that there was time apart and remember there is a higher purpose and more to life than without.

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