The Dance

The words appear magically on my screen and hers. It is a conversation in which we can’t see facial expressions or hear the tone of the other’s words so we do our best to understand and interpret what we see on the screen based upon other things.

It is a dance around the unspoken topic that neither one of us broaches or bridges yet it permeates all.

There is a feeling inside that I go off of, my intuition that I try to use to sense what lies unsaid and unspoken.

If gut feelings are honest and reliable than the dance is prelude to something bigger, better and brighter. There is no set time frame for this moment nor real guidelines.

You can’t find a framework to use as a guide or outline because it is all by touch and that is ok. It is how we have made it through the moments, minutes and months.

It is how we managed not to let go when the hardest times came and how we kept things going.

Words flash by and there is a tingle in my toes that makes me wonder if she is smiling as broadly as I am. Hard to imagine she is not. Hard to believe two hearts aren’t beating as one right now but still there is a silent voice that questions it all.

Yet under the super moon the mystical and magical magnificence of past moments makes me believe we are holding hands from afar even if not in person.

And though it is an ethereal touch it is as real and meaningful as anything else.

We are still here and we are still supporting each other.

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