He dared her not to kiss him back. He said actions speak louder than words.

She told him he was pushy and he said that sometimes action was required.

“I always wanted to be your hero and I will always do my best to be so. Sometimes that means listening to you tell me about your day and sometimes it means wrapping you in my arms. I know things. I always have.”

She told him he needed a new shtick and he said sometimes it was best to go with what is tried and true.

Sometimes You Just Go For It because you know that is what is required. Don’t ask me to explain how I know what I know or what makes me do as I do. I can’t always tell you in terms that make sense.

What I know is that I cannot remember a time where I couldn’t feel your heart or hear it speak. Maybe I am an idiot for saying that. Maybe sometimes I am wrong, but I am willing to bet I have been right more than wrong and more importantly your hand has always been worth taking a chance for.

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