In The Year 2020 Something

Sometimes they would argue about what year they officially moved in together. If you asked her she would give you a specific year and if you asked him he would say it was 20 20 something.

And then he would wait for her to correct him and say it started in 2015.

Sometimes she would roll her eyes and shake her head at him and ask if he would ever stop aggravating her and then she would tell him that it wasn’t helping his cause.

He’d wink at whomever he was holding court for and say just loud enough for her to hear, ‘she is using code to say I am not going to get lucky tonight.’

And then just as she would be about to lay into him he would announce, “that is ok honey, I am going to turn you down. I need to sleep tonight.”

That was usually followed by explaining how she had an oral fetish that he could never satisfy or some variation thereof.

Those that had known her were always surprised by how she responded. Sometimes she would snap at him but it was never in a truly harsh manner. Every now and then some old friend would tell him they were shocked and he would say he had tamed her and sometimes tell them it was because he was the most amazing lover.

But the truth was his friends always said the same thing about her affect upon him. They talked about how they had never seen him happier or more devoted to anyone.

Some of her girl friends asked her if he was being honest in his description of their love life and she laughed and said, “yeah.”

“But aren’t you tired of that? Aren’t you bored and over taking care of men?”

She smiled and told them that it was easy to make him happy and that made her happy.

One night her oldest daughter asked her to give her more details about what made them so happy. She said she sort of got it but felt like she needed to understand it better.

“You don’t want to know from it,” said her mother.

“Mom, I don’t want creepy details. I just want a basic overview.”

So she nodded her head and said, “he knows how to make me happy and I do the same for him. We don’t over analyze it. We don’t over think it. We just do it. When we are angry with each other we say so and when we are happy we say so.”

“But what does that mean?”

“It means that you can’t always explain how or why some people make you happy. They just do and when you find them you hold on to them.”

Several hours later she climbed into bed, lay down next to him and told him about the conversation.

He asked her how she felt and she said she felt good about it, but that she was a bit weirded out because I used your words.

He smiled, kissed her, said I love you and rolled over.

‘She tapped him on the shoulder, “what makes you think I am going to let you go to sleep now.”

He smiled “because you don’t get any tonight, unless you say please.”

She smiled back, “please?”

Damn, it only took 20 years but I finally got you to say it.

She rolled her eyes at him. “You really don’t let much go, now do you.”

“Nope,but I have let you think you were the boss for the last ten years or so.”


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