Orpheus and Odysseus

There was a time when a man wondered what would happened had Orpheus and Odysseus had been able to team up and work together. He wondered if they would have made a dynamic duo that could have figured out better and more effective solutions to their respective challenges.

A combination of wit and strength that would have developed smarter approaches because together they were more powerful than separate.

Both would have understood responsibility and obligation and the need to do what is required.

Perhaps they would have understood the kind of anger that can burn inside and how sometimes it pushes you to the point where you say ‘fuck it’ and do whatever you are going to do because you just don’t give a fuck any more whether you make Sherman’s burning of Atlanta look like amateur hour,

Because you are tired of stupid people, stupid crap and ridiculous obstacles that prevent you from doing what needs to be done. So when you reach that place you put your head down and horns out. Anyone with a lick of sense will leave you be but those who do accept the risk willingly and knowing full well the reception they receive may not be to their liking.

There is a certain amount of relief and joy that comes with lighting the torches, grabbing the sword and salting the earth. Let the thunder roll.

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