WouId I Fight For You?

He didn’t know what made him think of the conversation nor was he really sure about whether it took place in a dream or really happened.

But he didn’t really care if it had or not because when he replayed it in his head it was the same.

She made a comment about wanting to know if he would fight for her and if he understood what that entailed. Although he couldn’t see his face he was sure it was filled with a mix of incredulity and concern.

“Would I fight for you? Why wouldn’t I?”

On a soul to soul level he was confident she knew exactly what he meant and recognized the sincerity and promise in those words but in person was different.

“We are inextricably connected. Those were your words first, not mine but I have come to understand them. When you find the person that fills the empty spaces inside you and who isn’t even aware they do it you don’t just walk away or let go. You fight to hold on even when they tell you that you are an idiot and it makes no sense.

You move mountains to be close because you understand timing and circumstances don’t present opportunities that stay open forever but at the same time they show up again with some people because there are other things at play. It is like a wheel that spins and when the dark side of the moon is facing you it won’t work and you shiver while you wait for it to move.

But eventually the dark side moves and there is a moment again when you are bathed in both sun and moonlight. When that comes it doesn’t matter how much time has elapsed because you will always recognize that other person and feel the connection. These things operate at a deeper level and if you ignore that you risk missing out.

It might sound like a bunch of gibberish and new age nonsense but our experience bears out that it is not so.

Would I fight for you?

I never stopped. Not then and not now.

The dark side of the moon doesn’t last forever. Darkness will lift again.”

He smiled at her and walked away as he reached the door he heard her ask where he was going.

“I have to take care of some things but you know how to reach me. I am always here. One day you won’t have to call.”

He had surrendered control now all he had to do was walk out into the sunshine and live while he waited for the time to come. It wasn’t easy to surrender but it was part of the fight.

There was a paradox there between fighting and surrender but he decided to save figuring it out for a different day.

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