A Favorite Moment

If you asked me to pick out a favorite memory/moment in time I could pick several but today one stands out in my head more than others.

It was a birthday celebration. We spent it having a very nice meal together followed by a quiet night at home.

We mulled over what movie to watch and picked one we hadn’t seen, putting an old favorite aside to watch a bit later.

Fingers intertwined together we held hands and watched a film that we both enjoyed but what really spoke to me was how peaceful and relaxed I felt.

It was one of those moments where you know you are with exactly who you are supposed to be sitting next to and together you create a window in time. A moment that is carved out from all other moments that will sometimes catch your eye because of how special it was.

Those are the moments where you look at all you have been through and say it was always worth it.


And sometimes because of the craziness and chaos of life those moments creep back up into your head to remind you to keep pushing forward because good things happen to those who work hard to make them happen just as they do for those who are crazy enough to chase their dreams.

People often say don’t wait because if you do you might miss your opportunity but they forget that sometimes you have to create an opportunity by working for it. Sometimes that involves waiting, it is not always a sprint, sometimes it is a marathon.


Today that memory is there because I need to rely upon the strength of the peace and contentment that is associated with it. Need to use that to recharge a battery and to remember it as both scientific proof and support. A moment where both heart and head can agree upon.

Sometimes life is hard and that is just the fact of the matter, but we don’t have to accept that it will always be such.

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