Why Didn’t You?

It didn’t require any imagination to hear her voice or to see the expression on her face because when you have known someone for as long and as well as they had you didn’t have to be physically present to know what it would look and or feel like.

He looked at down at a short email telling him she didn’t think there was a point being in touch any longer and smiled.

The anger in those words jumped up off the page at him. It was almost comical to think of why she was irritated.

She met him for coffee during a four hour layover and he didn’t make a pass. Didn’t try to kiss her or do anything but be the complete gentleman.

He couldn’t be 100 percent certain without her confirmation but when it came to her his gut rarely mislead him. He mulled over what kind of response to send because he didn’t want her to disappear nor did he think she wanted to.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t wanted to or thought about kissing her because he did but when he first got off of the plane he felt like hell.

Something he had eaten was messing with his stomach and he had spent the first 90 minutes or so nursing a cup of tea and trying not to run to the bathroom.

It is hard to be cool, suave and debonair when you are worried about what might happen if someone hugs you too tightly.

After typing out five different responses none of which sounded quite right he picked up the phone and called her.

“Don’t be silly. We are not going to stop talking. So stop making threats you don’t want to follow through with.”

Moments after he hung up he received an angry text message from her and responded by calling again.

“This is silly. It is a little hiccup. If you didn’t want to talk you wouldn’t respond so quickly to my voicemail. So suck it up woman, we are not going away. If I knew what I was supposed to apologize for I would try to do it. Actually I think I know, but I don’t feel like playing 20 questions.”

Ninety minutes later he hung up the phone, sat back in his chair and replayed the conversation in his head.

Turns out that he had been mostly right. She had basically told him that she didn’t understand how he could so eagerly pursue her and not even try to hug her.

She had been offended and then had gotten upset because she thought it made her sound shallow.

So he apologized for the confusion and explained why he hadn’t tried to hug her. She told him he was ridiculous and that they knew each other far too well not to just speak.

When he laughed and told her this was proof of how deep their connection and trust was she had agreed. And when he told her not to roll her eyes at that she had laughed and asked him how he knew she was.

“You know you are an idiot. I am a grown woman and it is up to me to decide if I want you to walk onto that plane with a huge smile or frown.”

“Sounds to me like you are a big tease.”

She giggled, “I guess you’ll just have to wonder about that now won’t you.”

Later that evening as he closed his eyes he replayed it all again in his head and smiled.

Sometimes they could make each other crazy but there was no one who made them happier than each other. He figured that sort of happiness was worth a little craziness.

The best things in life weren’t always easy but they were always worth it and so were they.

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