How Do You Know?

Sometimes he would say “I know things” and she would smile and agree. Other times she would question him and ask how he could know what is unknowable.

“We can’t see or tell the future. All we have to do is look at our past to prove that to be true.”

He would nod his head and say she was right, he couldn’t know, not for certain.

“Sometimes you walk through the dark room and even though you know where all the furniture is you stub your toe and get hurt. Other times you make it without any issues.

But unless you know the floor is covered in broken glass or alligators you still walk through it in the dark. I figure there is no risk without reward and I can only go off of what I feel, what I know and what I want.”

He watched her nod her head and when she didn’t speak he continued.

“I have told you a million times if you hold my hand I’ll keep walking with you and see what happens. Got more reasons to find out what could be than reasons not to. There is no timeline here other than whatever one we choose to make ourselves.

I know what my head says and what my heart feels. That is enough for me.”

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