He looked out the window and stared off into space and let his mind wander where it would.

It wouldn’t be long before she got on a plane and headed off on an adventure without him. He was surprised by how it bothered him and had taken some time to try and puzzle out why it felt funny.

Hurt wasn’t quite the word because he wasn’t hurt that she was going and if she had asked he would have encouraged her to go. He was proud of her and there was no reason why she shouldn’t go.

Of that he was certain but it didn’t explain why that funny feeling had come to visit. So he tried to pull it apart in his head so that he could figure out what it was that was causing the discomfort.

The answer showed up unexpectedly.

It was a trip they had talked about going on together.  The conversation had taken place many years before and he supposed the memory had slumbered until this moment had woken it.

That was it.

He had always hoped to share the adventure with her.

The realization made him shrug his shoulders because it seemed silly to him, especially since it wasn’t like it meant it could never happen.

Someday…maybe they would go together.

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