What Is Your Plan?

She rolls over onto her side, brushes the hair out of her face and asks him to be honest about how he got to be there.

“You came out for me, didn’t you.”

“This is an unexpected bonus, but not the reason I came out.”

He watches her eyes narrow and knows she is measuring his words, trying to decide if she believes him or not.

“You can choose to believe what you want, but I am telling you it could have easily been a dozen other locations. I am very happy it worked out this way but I had no plan to make this happen.”

This time she surprises him by saying nothing and kissing him.

She rolls onto her back, takes his hand in hers and starts talking.

He listens carefully to all she says, most of it is her filling him in on the bits and pieces of her life that he missed out on.

Periodic pauses are punctuated by silence, it is his chance to share his thoughts about what she has shared and to offer his opinion.

Later on over drinks and dinner she’ll press him again to admit that he came out for her but he’ll continue to refuse.

“You know I love you and I have for so long I don’t remember when I didn’t but you also know when I am determined to take care of what I have to do I will do just that. It is just coincidence that I ended up here, a very happy coincidence but nothing more than that.”

This conversation will creep up again and again over time and each time it happens he’ll reassure her that it is coincidence.

One day she’ll call and tell him she hates when he travels and says she think she might be addicted to him again. He’ll laugh and say it is mutual.

But when he does it he takes her by the hand and looks in her eyes and asks her not to fight with him about how or why he is there.

“There are more important things to disagree about, just let this one go.”

She’ll say ok and move on but he wonders if she really has let go.

Some of the other disagreements come and visit them and she tells him she fights with him more than anyone else.

“Our feelings are deeper and more intense than the ones we had with other people. Maybe we bicker more and maybe we don’t, what I know is I never stay angry with you. That is different for me. If I am angry with someone it doesn’t fade as quickly as it does with you.”

She smiles and tells him she finds it hard to stay angry with him too.

“Baby, if you take my hand I promise to walk with you and I promise that we can always work things out.”

“Ok, I can do that.”

Less than three minutes later she asks him what his plan is and he starts to laugh.

“Why are you laughing at me? I didn’t say anything funny and it is not nice.”

“Baby, I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you. I expected your question but I expected it to come faster and with more details than just ‘what is your plan?’  This is a good thing.”

“Since you expected it tell me what your answer is.”

“My answer is simple, I am going to take care of you. I am going to protect your heart, kiss your tears away and wear you out in the bedroom.”

A broad smile broke across her face.

“Baby, you are a man and I can promise you that you will never be able to wear me out. I can almost promise you that I notice you didn’t give me any specific details about your plan. You know I need details, what are they?”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“Don’t worry honey, I am ready to share as many details as I can now.”

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